Thursday, September 21, 2006

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"I'm dreaming. This is one helluva dream girl and you seriously have to wake up."

"Seven o'clock, time for dinner! I've made reservations for eight-thirty for us! That o.k!"

So, with the cum that I had just left in her pussy she began to masturbate, and Derek's fingers roamed around her labia and into her soaking pussy as she masturbated. Both of them were so nervous that they were not able to climax.

The wedding had been a hurried affair. Her mother's wedding dress dragged down from the attic and quickly altered. Flowers gathered from her mother's garden. A cake baked by a neighbor who had a knack for such things. But Emily hadn't cared. She had her Ralph – tall with dark hair and shining blue eyes. Emily looked at the picture she must have seen a thousand times, looked at her reflection staring back. A mere slip of a girl she had been then with her soft golden curls and hazel eyes. A girl no one would have suspected as having any strength of character. They would all be surprised.

I tried to pull up a name, an image, a face, to impose upon her, but nothing was found. However, my body remembered her. It tried to brake free and crawl to her, to do what it could to get her to touch it, caress it, kiss it. Fuck it. She noticed my need, and came toward me. I saw her hair; it was long and blond like strung gold. Did I smell lavender? I moaned as she drew nearer. Whoever she was, I needed her. Now.

The group stood up and moved to walk past Richard.

He moaned and told Becca to get out of the way. She did so and he walked towards me, he took me in his hands and lifted me up. I squealed in shock and quickly wrapped my legs around his back. He held me up with one hand under his ass and placed his other hand on my neck as he lowered me down on his cock.

Kimberly- he says the way you going may not be long.... it's something we'll talk and him...

I grabbed her arms and pulled her towards me, moving over as she slid on top of the bed next to me. She rolled towards me, and put her hand on my chest, nudging me to lay back. She laid her head on my shoulder and let her hands continue to explore my body. Her hands gently slid across my chest and stomach, as we inched towards each other as close as we could. Her skin was warm, and felt smooth and comforting next to mine. Her breasts pressed heavily against my chest.

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: All of the stories mentioned in this tale are really posted here on Literotica. In order of appearance: "Boiling Point" by yours truly; "Megan's Secrets" by Belegon; "Spark" by carsonshepherd; "Sex & Candy" by yui; and "Late Night at the Coffeehouse" by shortncurvy. ~Imp]

"Are you ready to fuck?" he asked. "Yes," I breathed. "Then tell me what you want." "I want to fuck." "What?" "I want you to fuck me." "I don't understand... tell me exactly what you want!" "I want -- no, I NEED -- your black dick in my pussy!" "Do you realize that your pussy will never be the same again? My dick will stretch you so far it will never be as tight again as it is now." "Yes, I understand," I breathed. "Good... take off your pants, and I'll give you a new pussy."

"Yes, Jeanette." Luke replied, pulling his planner and textbooks out of his briefcase and arranging them on the desk. "All night. So if you have any questions about class that you'd like to go over, I'll be here."

"I want to milk you while you 'help' me," she said in almost a whisper. She was almost inaudible in the use of the words 'help me'. Her attention was completely focused between her legs.

“Particularly your pussy Katrina, it is so delicious,” quipped Nichole.

"I'll try, but I can't promise. If I get a call for an interview I won't be able to, but if no one calls I'll see you there."

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